Pink Fire Pointer oh, what a place!

oh, what a place!

when i first saw these images, i only could see the amazing graphic quality of the photos... i only looked at them as pics, not as a home... but this is not very far from how i see it now. and i think these pics demonstrate so well, how your home can be a work of art with spots and blocks of color and juxtaposing various surfaces, clean and busy, light and dark, matte and shiny, new and old... quite amazing, i guess.

also, the facade looks to me as if it was some old painting that we deciced to paint black and start anew in a whole new manner, but it's obvious that there was another one underneath.

some fifteen years ago i spent 6 weeks in the  netherlands, and it always takes me by surprise how the dutch manage to live without curtains... i've always been very curious, so i looked into every dutch house i passed by. :D this house above has a little garden on the roof, and a very little house, that looks like a winter garden, but is in actual fact the bathroom.

the house, called the black pearl studio is home and studio to rolf at "studio", a guy who makes furniture (like the chairs in his home) and other objects... i guess that the place is mostly his own design work with the facade designed by utrecht based "zecc architects."

some of the images are from this article (along with hi-res images) about the project at arthitectural.

but where i first saw this place was at dark matter, a very new blog that i think is well worth checking out.


(the horizontal images are a lot bigger, click them for a closer look)